Effective Recruitment Is An Art…Not Science: Introduction



Recruitment is one of the most important parts of the HR function, and if you get this process right, you would have significantly reduced any potential employee issues that can arise in the future.

The recruitment and selection process consists of a series of steps that employers use to attract qualified applicants, identify viable candidates and make hiring decisions to create a productive workforce. The process starts with the identification of ideal candidates and extends to ensuring they are, and remain committed to the vision of the organisation. The concept and the end goal are the same for small businesses and large corporations alike. However, recruitment and selection can be particularly challenging for businesses due to limited resources in the form of time and required expertise. If recruitment is not done effectively, it will have far reaching implications for your organisation in the long run.

It is amazing how often employers can get this process wrong, either through neglect or ignorance even though everyone is aware of how important it is to have an effective recruitment process, and more importantly how expensive it is to recruit employees in our market.

An effective recruitment process always seeks to answer four key questions;

Recruitment 1

  1. Do they fit: Is this candidate a fit for our organisation? (culture, personal profile)
  2. Can they do: Can this candidate do the required job? (relevant skills, abilities, experience, background)
  3. Will they do: Will this candidate actually do the required job if we employ him/her? (motivation)
  4. Are they passionate about us: Will this candidate be proud to be a part of what we are creating here? (affinity/a heart connection)

In the course of this series, we will take a look at the art of recruiting in detail. How are leading organisations across the world attempting to get the right answers to these questions and what creative and innovative approaches are they using?

It promises to be insightful as we go on this journey together and let us see if we can convince you that recruitment is more an art than a science.


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