We Think Differently – Bode Olutunbi, Managing Partner, Peoplesource Consulting

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Focusing on the client lifetime value client and long term growth differentiates us in the marketplace

Peoplesource works alongside its clients to recruit, retain, develop and manage their people effectively. We have been in the marketplace for almost a decade operating a full business services firm in the United Kingdom. We commenced operations in Nigeria in 2008 focusing on our human resource (HR) practice but we intend to extend our scope within the market to deliver our full consulting expertise on the long run. This will happen as we build strong client relationships in our HR practice.

Our focus is on helping our clients increase the value of their human capital by enabling them leverage our knowledge, experience and capabilities through the services we offer. Our core services include International and local recruitment, consulting, learning and development and the provision of product solutions.

Businesses seek to generate profit by exploiting gaps, niches or some other opportunity in the market to create value for which customers are willing to pay a premium. In other words, the need to make a profit by commercialising an opportunity usually results in value creation. However, at Peoplesource, we see this sequence in reverse and place the creation of value at the forefront of our minds.

It costs much less to retain the patronage of an existing client than it does to secure the business of a new one. With this in mind from our first day in business, we determined to ensure we focus on the lifetime value of each of our client relationships. As a result, we only work with organisations we know we can add value to. This has meant that we have in some cases referred prospective client to other firms where we have felt confident to do so. It has also meant that we probably haven’t grown as fast as other companies in our market. We are however intent on building sustainability into our firm’s future and we see ourselves ultimately taking significant market share from our competitors in the long term. This approach to business, I believe, makes us very different in a market driven by quick profits and short term client relationships.

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  1. After attending one of your programmes, i totally agree that your organisation is indeed very different in a market driven by quick profits and short term client relationships.

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