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STRATEGIC HR Business Partnering



Experienced HR professionals responsible for HR strategy or who wish to make a strategic impact on their organisation.


People are key to the achievement of organisational goals and can be an organisation's most important competitive edge. HR strategy therefore should be intergrated with overall organisational strategy to facilitate the achievement of organisational objectives, and to ensure that the policies and processes are in place to meet the needs of your staff.







  • Strategic human resource management 
  • Meaningful HR Planning 
  • Ensure HR makes a real difference for the organisation 
  • Formulating the strategy 
  • Options in developing HR plans 
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different approaches 
  • Aligning HR strategy with organisational goals 
  • Principles of HR strategy 
  • Levels of HR strategy 
  • HR strategy that contributes to business success 


  • HR Strategy and Culture 
  • Aligning culture with vision and values 
  • Reinforcing culture through HR and Management Processes 
  • Change and HR strategy 
  • Change as the inevitable consequence of HR strategy 
  • Evaluation in strategic HRM 
  • Measures of success and benchmarking 
  • Committing the organisation 
  • Getting plans accepted at the top 
  • Getting the whole organisation's commitment



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