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Organisations which have a clear line of sight between their business strategy and goals and their investment in learning and development are better equipped to demonstrate the value of this investment. They focus on developing skills, knowledge and behaviours in their people which are aligned to their strategic objectives and goals.

At Peoplesource Consulting, we come alongside our clients as a people development partner working with them to ensure their investment in learning and development is clearly aligned with and contributes effectively to attaining strategic objectives. Our learning and development products and services help organisations manage the HR function more effectively and support employees and teams to improve their performance in the workplace. Here is a bit more detail about some of our flagship programmes;

Business Perspectives in Advanced Behavioural Analysis

Effectiveness and maximum efficiency are two of the most important values you can add to your organisation in a time of economic challenges. As a professional, you need to be equipped with the right knowledge needed to effectively manage all the resources in your charge, especially the human resources and D.I.S.C is a psychometric tool which empowers you to get this done. D.I.S.C is used by thousands of organisations all over the world, to achieve maximum efficiency of their human resources. Everyone has distinctive characteristics and qualities which influence our thinking, preferences and behaviour. Research shows that these behavioural characteristics can be grouped into four categories called personality styles or profiles and that people with similar personalities tend to exhibit specific traits common to that style or profile. D.I.S.C. is a positive tool, which helps individuals increase in effectiveness as they identify and capitalise on their strengths; recognise potential weaknesses and identify their blind spots based on the four categories identified by the tool. Peoplesource Consulting is offering a unique opportunity for you to take your career to another level by empowering you with all that you need to be behavioural consultant, solving organisational problems through the effective use of the DISC tool.

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Open Programmes: February - March 2019


Thur 21st – Fri 22nd February, 2019

Leading an organisation or team where everyone is focused on sales and performing to high levels is a challenge especially for those in a leadership role. Successful leaders build their team’s capability to achieve greater sales, revenue and profit by developing and leading in a sales focused way and driving to deliver high performance levels and establish a high sense of purpose.
This programme is aimed at developing and coaching your people to exhibit a sales orientation in whatever role they have within the business and to strive for continuous improvement and accelerated performance.
Open Course Fee – N147,000.00 incl. VAT


Fri 22nd– Sat 23rd February, 2019

The PA is a pivotal role in the management team. Senior PAs and EAs acquire the skills to achieve organisational objectives through partnership with their manager, gain time management and communication skills to contribute effectively to their organisation and focus on skills and competencies needed to excel in a PA role. Being a PA or EA requires working closely with someone important and busy and it can be difficult to avoid overlooking personal needs and aspirations. We explore how to manage future career growth and get participants to practice new skills through role play and group work.
Open Course Fee – N141,750.00 incl. VAT


Fri 22nd March, 2019

This fast paced, interactive one-day workshop is designed to give participants a firm grasp of the key aspects of effective fee negotiation. Success in this area isn’t about methods for fooling someone into paying our preferred price but rather is about developing a clear, concise, evidence based explanation of what makes our proposition value for money. The workshop covers powerful influencing skills for building great relationships with the other party and explains how to apply a rigorous planning and ‘meeting management process’ to close those deals where price or fees are a key component.
Open Course Fee – N84,000.00 Incl. VAT


Wed 27th – Fri 29th March, 2019

Companies don't create value; people do and in today’s challenging business context, organisations need their HR departments to lead and drive the achievement of outstanding results through people; effectively influencing the rest of the business to get on board. HR faces a value perception challenge but "HR done right" can significantly address this gap; equipping the function with the credibility and influence it needs to engage effectively with the business and help focus it on building strategic capabilities and organisational effectiveness.
Open Course Fee – N168,000.00 Incl. VAT








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