The Peoplesource HR MasterClass Series is a year-long modular training programme which addresses the administration and management of the Human Resource function. It aims to give recent practitioners at both executive and management level a thorough understanding of the knowledge and skills required to succeed in managing people and executing the HR role effectively. Designed with an assumption that participants have no prior knowledge of HR as a discipline, the programme which runs in 12 clearly defined sessions over 20 days is led by highly qualified local and international facilitators and utilises over 100 short and engaging examples and case studies to embed learning. Sessions are primarily focused on helping participants develop best practice knowledge and core practical skills to fulfill their HR roles.


There are 12 MasterClass sessions structured in one and two day modules running over 20 days through the course of the year. Below is a snapshot of some of the topics addressed in each session

    • The Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
    • HR - The Organisational Context
    • Administering the HR Function
    • Recruitment and Selection 
    • Employment and Labour Law
    • HR Communications
    • Personnel Information Systems
    • Training and Development
    • Performance Management
    • Employee Relations
    • Personal Effectiveness and Career Development
    • Employee Rewards, Welfare and Payroll

    To discuss how the Accredited HR Master Class can benefit you or your organisation, or to enquire about running the in-house version in your organisation, please call Bode on 08052727684; 08187756829 or send us an e-mail

Is Your Organisation Needing A New Approach To Implement Effective Creativity And Innovation?

For one day only, European de Bono training providers, Indigo are delivering are delivering the Six Thinking Hats in a unique format. Widely used across the globe, this brilliant system enables:

  • Structured Creativity and innovation ‘on-demand’
  • Tools to create hundreds of ideas quickly
  • A solution to dramatically reduce meeting times
  • Ways to reduce conflict and argument in evaluating ideas


  • Participants will learn to use different approaches to business problems
  • The process will encourage them to separate fact from opinion, to look fully at both positive and negative options and expose hidden agendas that can sabotage any meeting.
  • It will stimulate innate creativity and help delegates discover how to turn seemingly insoluble problems into real opportunities
  • The aim is for attendees to leave the workshop with skills they have practiced and can apply immediately on return to the workplace

Learn the globally used creativity techniques to change your approach to creativity and innovation.


For further Details contact Peoplesource at 1st Floor, Tazuma Plaza, 3a Ade Akinsanya Street, Ilupeju, Lagos, call 08052727684; 08187756829 or send us an e-mail


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