for secretaries and PAs to directors and senior managers.


The PA is a pivotal role in the management team and this course equips senior PAs with the skills to achieve organisational objectives through partnership with their manager, as well as time management and communication to really contribute to the management team.






The role of the Executive PA
• Purpose, definition & expectations of an executive PA
• Working with senior management
• Understanding business goals and improving information flow
• Senior management: what do they do and what does their role involve?
• Models of management

Relating your role to your manager's
• Understanding work styles
• Communication skills
• Effective communication: what does it look like?
• Verbal and non-verbal communication
• Questioning techniques

Project and time management
• Project management and juggling multiple tasks
• Project teams, delegation and regular check-ins
• Personal organisation and prioritisation
• Models of time management - important vs. urgent - procrastination and why we do it


Developing relationships across the organisation
• Creating understanding in the minds of others
• Passive vs. aggressive vs. assertive
• Body language of assertive behaviour
• Managing office politics
• Saying "no", win-win solutions and practical exercises

Moving Forward
• Getting the most from appraisals
• Career progression and networking skills
• What do I get out of it?
• Understanding of the PA’s role in the management team
• The management tools to be more proactive
• Effective self-management and personal development
• Key objectives to increase your own and your manager’s productivity


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